What is the minimum number of people you will pick up?

There is no minimum restriction to book so singles and couples can book tours, but there is a minimum number of people needed to run tours effectively. We do our best to make sure every tour runs, which sometimes means shuffling minimum numbers together so tours can operate. We need to group together at least  […]

How do your vehicles differ from other tours?

Our modern luxury vehicles are spacious and comfortably seat up to 14 guests. This allows for an easy and fun interaction within a small group setting (unavailable in smaller sedans, limos or bikes) and access to boutique locations. Many other bigger bus tours get limited access to the more public tasting areas, with tasting queue […]

What sort of vehicles do you have?

Our fleet consists of a range of small luxury vehicles including Mercedes Sprinters, Valente and Renault.

Can we get to your pickup locations by public transit?

On our full day tours we can pick you up at Maitland or Newcastle train stations. There is not a lot of public transport in the Hunter Valley, but you also have the option of a taxi to get to our pickup locations.

If I drive in to meet the tour, will I be too tipsy to drive at the end of the day?

We don’t recommend that you drink and drive. We advise people who drive in for the day and drink responsibly to arrange to hang out and have dinner in the spot you’re parked before driving back to your destination. Better yet, stay at local accommodation and take advantage of our free transfers. Please contact us […]

Which accommodations do you pick up from?

Any accommodation, (commercial or residential) within our transfer locations. Please reference our ‘Transfer Locations’ for eligible accommodation locations and any associated fees.

What are your pickup locations?

We offer pickup and drop-off at your accommodations front door. Please reference our ‘Transfer Locations’ for eligible accommodation locations and any associated fees. We do not offer transfers to Sydney.

Do you have free parking?

Yes we have free parking at our Two Fat Blokes Kitchen and Deli. Stop in for a bite to eat, pickup some local produce for your picnic lunch, or shop for a tasty gift. Tour customers are also able to leave their cars here for free to start/end their tour from the Two Fat Blokes […]

Can you pick me up from Sydney?

No, we do not offer transfers to Sydney. However Sydney customers can book a Two Fat Blokes pick-up/drop-off to ‘Maitland’ and catch the train between ‘Sydney-Newcastle-Maitland’, (see ‘Transfer Locations’)