The food here is great. There are lots of good options, including the vegetarian options (real meals, not just a token salad). The meat dishes were all superbly cooked. The deli next door is combined, so you can buy cheese platter ingredients there and take them to the restaurant to share (or hord to yourself, it’s pretty great stuff!) couple of cheese places are represented at the deli, including Hunter Belle. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, even took some photos of our group for us. Lots of seating, good for groups if you book ahead. They don’t split bills on weekends so be aware. I do agree with some of the reviews that crockery and glassware could be cleaner. We simply asked for another. The staff would do well to improve in this area as it reflects badly, but don’t let is scare you off fabulous food! Overall our group was stuffed full and very happy with the quality. Also, you have to try their unripened cheese. It’s to die for.