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About Us

Two Fat Blokes have lived in the Hunter Valley for a combined 40 years spending most of their working lives in the wine tourism industry.

We bet you came here to figure out how Two Fat Blokes got their name?

Well, we are what it says on the tin…

Two Fat Blokes who love their food, love their wine, and want to share that passion with as many people as possible.

Fat Bloke #1 is now retired and enjoys more lunches than any one man should, but he’s earned it! You might see him parked at many of the Hunter’s awesome restaurants – look out for his number plate, it’s LUNCH.

Fat Bloke #2 is still operating the business with his family. His passion for food and wine has only increased with age. He still runs the odd tour but prefers to sit back with a wine in hand and take in the stunning Hunter Valley scenery.

Two Fat Blokes is a family-run business and we’re growing every day. Our team is passionate, engaged and love having a good laugh together. We’re all from different walks of life, but the one thing that we have in common is that we all love the Hunter Valley.

The Hunter Valley offers so much and on our gourmet Hunter Valley wine tours will introduce you to the true characters, hidden boutique wineries & restaurants and some truly outstanding food & wine. Our tour guides all have extensive food & wine knowledge and know our region very well.

All of us look for different experiences, but the guests that have enjoyed one of our wine tours already, all have a few things in common, they love great food, great wine, and they’re looking for a wine tour which is better than the rest!

With this in mind, we have created a number of different gourmet Hunter Valley wine tours to suit different people. All our tours offer at least one component unique to Two Fat Blokes Gourmet Tours – an experience you will not find with any other tour company or if you were to explore our region on your own.

We invite you to find the tour that best suits you and join us, you will have a great day out, have a unique and personalised experience and probably have made some new friends by the end of the day.

About Two Fat Blokes - Hunter Valley Wine Tours

Jan Molenaar
Two Fat Blokes

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