David Hook

Owner / Winemaker - David Hook Wines

Employment Background

1979 – 1983  Tyrrell’s Wines Australia
Employed as assistant winemaker 1979
Promoted to winemaker at Glenbawn Estate 1981

1982 – 1983  Glenbawn Estate Scone Australia
Vineyard Manager

1981 Wines California USA
Assistant winemaker for vintage

1984 – 1985 Lakes Folly Australia
Employed as assistant winemaker to Steven Lake

1987 – 1990 Rothbury Estate Australia
Employed as winemaker for vintage

1989 Pokolbin Estate Pokolbin Australia
Employed as General Manager for 12 months

1990 Chateau Bonnet France
Employed as consultant winemaker for vintage

1991 – 1995 Hugh Ryman Wines / Rystone Wines France, Spain
Employed as a consultant in areas of grape growing, purchasing, winemaking and production

1997 Vinfera Pty Ltd Broke Australia
Managing Director

1998 David Morrison Winemakers Georgia
Employed as a consultant winemaker for Telavi Winery

1986 – 2017 David Hook Wines – Pothana Vineyard Australia
Self employed on own property establishing 10 hectare vineyard and winery

Relevant Winemaking Experience

1978 – 1979 Cellar hand, Tyrrells Pokolbin Australia for vintage
Crushing 500 – 700 tonnes

1980 Assistant winemaker, Tyrrells Pokolbin Australia
Crushing 700 tonnes

1981 Winemaker, Tyrrells, Glenbawn Estate, Scone Australia
Crushing 1200 tonnes

1981 Assistant winemaker, Friestone Winery California USA
Crushing 1200 tonnes

1982 – 1983 Vineyard Manager / Winery Manager, Tyrrells Glenbawn Estate Scone Australia
Growing 500 tonnes and processing 1200 tonnes

1984 Pothana Vineyard
Commenced vineyard

1984 – 1985 Assistant Winemaker, Lakes Folly Pokolbin Australia
Premium small Australian winery producing cabernet and chardonnay

1985 Pothana Vineyard
First vintage – 2 tonnes semillon. Established Pothana label

1986  Assistant winemaker for vintage Hungerford Hill Pokolbin Australia
Crushing over 1000 tonnes of both Hunter Valley and Coonawarra fruit

1987 Pothana Vineyard
First chardonnay wines produced

1985 – 1987 The Australian Wine Research Institute
Awarded scholarship to under take research into nitrogen levels of amino Australian grape juice and the metabolism acids by yeasts

1986  Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference
Presented paper titled “Amino Acid Metabolism by Yeasts”

1987 – 1990 Winemaker for vintage, Rothbury Estate Australia
Grape receival and processing

1990 Pothana Winery
First grapes processed. Contract winemaking of 25 tonnes of shiraz

1990 Winemaker at Chateau Bonnet Bordeaux France

1991    Winemaker at Cave du Casse Limoux Southern France

1992    Consultant Winemaker, Safeways UK
Production of 1000 tonnes of Luberon white

1994  Pothana Winery
Contract winemaking expanded to 50 tonnes. Specialising in small batches, 2 – 3 tonnes for individual growers.

1994  Sainsbury, UK in association with Val d Orbie in Southern France
Responsible for the selection of vineyards, wineries and supervision of production of 500,000 cases

1994 Sainsbury, UK in association with Cave St Pierre France
Responsible for the selection of vineyards, wineries and the supervision of production of 100,000 cases of Cote du Rhone Red

1995 Rystone Wines France
Responsible for the purchase of grapes for and supervision of production of 200,000 cases in the south of France

1995 Vineyard Consultant, Chateau Vignelaure Provence France
3 months planning and implementing renovation of 40 hectare vineyard

1996  Consultant Winemaker, Chateau Coussergues, Besier France

1996 Pothana
Expanded Vineyard. Established The Gorge label

1997  Established Vinifera Pty Ltd, Broke Australia
Leased Saxonvale Winery, 1500 tonnes   production

1998 Telavi Georgia
Responsible for recommissioning winery in  Telavi Georgia and production of 1200 tonnes for the 1998 vintage for export to Soviet Union and the USA

1998 – 2017 Pothana Vineyard / Winery
Increased capacity to 200 tonne production