Signature Sauces

It was while she was working in Europe at some of the finest restaurants, including Quaglinos that Regan experienced preparing food for such celebrities as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston and Posh Spice. There, she formed a vision that these meals should be available in the homes and country restaurants of her homeland, Australia. She came to believe that finishing sauces were the bridge that would escalate any meal to a fine dining experience. On returning from overseas she met and married Daniel Facey, a country boy from a rural background which had given him an appreciation for premium quality produce and how it raises the experience and value in gourmet cuisine. This, combined with unlimited enthusiasm for the dream meant that Daniel could develop an innovative business approach to get the idea into the marketplace.

Together, theirs was a team ready for the task. Their passion was fostered by trialling their product at ‘at-home’ dinner parties for friends whose ecstatic delight in the sauces lifted their excitement to share their product with everyone.

They started demonstrating their sauces at numerous farmers’ markets within the Hunter Valley wine region. Following this success, they then moved to promoting the sauces at retail outlets as well as providing bulk quantities for use at restaurants. With the further success of these ventures and with enquiries for their sauces coming from near and far, they expanded to interest business outlets throughout New South Wales and are now looking to expand it further by providing sales through a website.

Dan and Regan’s passion and pride for their creation shines through in every bottle, whether savoury or a dessert sauce. All of their sauces are handmade and bottled in the Hunter Valley to their own cherished and exclusive recipe to create a luxurious indulgence in every bottle.


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