How to Get the Most out of a Hunter Valley Beer Tasting

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How to Get the Most out of a Hunter Valley Beer Tasting Hunter Valley

Love beer? Us too! And despite what you may have believed, the Hunter Valley isn’t just about wine and cheese tasting – there’s a special place for beer aficionados as well. And now that you’re excited, knowing you can check out some local brews, we’re here to tell you that a beer tasting in the Hunter Valley can be an even greater experience.

Go prepared by following these tips that will change every beer tasting you’ll ever have – for the better!

Hit up the experts

We’re going to clue you in on the difference between a beer tasting and a pub crawl. A beer tasting provides the space and the expertise for you to learn about beers you haven’t tried before. And if you’ve ever spoken to the Two Fat Blokes – you’ll know they love to talk about what they know! And that includes beer.

Experts are only experts because they know more than other people, so you don’t need to fear that you’re asking a silly question – they want to share their knowledge with you. And if you’re looking for someone else who really knows their craft beer stuff, speak to the brewmasters at Lovedale Brewery.

Take tasting notes

If you’re interested in attending more beer tastings in the future, it’s a great idea to take notes about each beer you try. Don’t be worried that people will think you’re taking things too seriously! Not only will this help you communicate your thoughts more effectively to the group, but you will be able to compare new beers you try with those you taste now.

To get the most out of your notes, you might like to learn a little bit of beer tasting lingo. Here are a few examples to get you started when you attend a Hunter Valley beer tasting:

  • Finish: The flavours you can still taste after swallowing
  • Mouthfeel: How a beer feels while it’s in your mouth
  • Opulent: Rich and balanced with an enjoyable mouthfeel
  • Thin: Lacking in complexity or flavour

Drink your beer flight or sampler in order

Follow the lead of the expert in charge of your Hunter Valley beer tasting and taste each one in the order they suggest. Usually, that will involve starting with beers that have the lightest mouthfeel and progress towards the stronger, heavier brews. It’s done this way because moving from heavy to light beers will only overwhelm your palate and make it difficult to identify the aspects of each beer that you enjoy.

Take more than one sip when trying a new beer

Don’t be in a hurry to decide whether you really do or don’t like a beer. After all, a first taste can be deceiving when there are aromas, flavours and aftertastes at play. Give each beer a chance by taking a few considered sips and contemplating the different aspects that may be appealing to you. You’ll find this particularly true if you venture to IronBark Hill Brewery with their exotic array of seasonal beers. These are definitely worth a second sip!

Don’t drink on an empty stomach

Now, this one shouldn’t be news to you – it’s never recommended to drink on an empty stomach. And when you’re attending a Hunter Valley beer tasting, getting tipsy right away will mean you’re not quite able to savour each beer as you should. We’re not the fun police! But think of it this way – if you stabilise your body with some food, you’ll able to enjoy more beer!

hunter valley beer tasting

But, of course, we’re not saying you just eat for eating’s sake. That’s why we suggest trying beer tasting plates to team with your beers. Our Beer Tasting Plate from the Two Fat Blokes Kitchen features a selection of savoury tempters to get your taste-buds watering and support the flavours of the beers we know you’re enjoying.

Don’t wear perfume or cologne

Surprised? A large part of understanding and enjoying the taste of a great beer is in the aroma. But, if you’re giving off some pretty strong smells, that can, unfortunately, interfere with how you experience the aroma of a beer – particularly those that are lighter. So, do yourself a favour, and leave the perfume or cologne for later.

Arrange a designated driver

We, of course, advocate drinking safely, and that means having a sober driver. But, it can be challenging to find a volunteer when you’re venturing around the Hunter Valley on a beer tasting!

That’s why the Two Fat Blokes Beer Belly Tour in the Hunter Valley is the perfect solution! Take all your transport worries away when you know you have a driver designated to give you and your group the best experience possible. Not only will they be driving you around, but you’ll also get all the wisdom of a Hunter Valley local, just to yourselves. What more could a beer-lover ask for?

Feel ready to dive into a Hunter Valley beer tasting? I know we are!

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Driving yourself around ‘the Hunter’ can be limiting, especially when there’s wine tasting involved and your time is short. There’s a better way to experience more of the Hunter Valley. Just imagine a mouth-watering trip for your tastebuds filled with the best local wine and food… and you’re just sitting back laughing! Yes, you deserve one of our wine tours.

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