10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Hunter Valley Cheese Tasting

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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Hunter Valley Cheese Tasting Hunter Valley

Hey, cheese lover. That’s right; we’re talking to you…

We know you think cheese can be a meal on its own, and sometimes you crave it just like others crave sweets. Those are the very reasons why you should think about attending a Hunter Valley cheese tasting. And that’s probably reason enough! But, if you need any more excuses, please, read on!

1. You just love cheese

Well, yes this is the obvious reason why you should attend a Hunter Valley cheese tasting. What better way for a turophile to indulge your love of cheese than to while away a few hours sampling some of the finest local and international cheeses?

2. You like to pair wine and cheese

Pairing wine and cheese represents our gastronomic preference for teaming an astringent food with a fatty food, because of the balanced mouthfeel they create together. Luckily, there’s no shortage of Hunter Valley cheese and wine tasting tours available. You’ll have the chance to taste some fabulous cheeses but also to pair them with locally-produced wines – a match made in heaven.

3. You want to explore locally-produced cheeses

There’s plenty of places to track down cheeses, no doubt. But, if you’re after something special and representative of the vibrant produce that the Hunter Valley is home to, you must try a cheese tasting to sample the best of what the region has to offer.

4. You’re not sure which cheeses to choose

Attending a Hunter Valley cheese tasting comes with the huge perk of having a cheese expert on hand. Ask for some guidance in choosing cheeses for your next dinner party. Find out which ones to pair with your favourite beer or wine, or even great ways to enjoy it as a dessert. As you taste the cheeses, take note of the ones you really enjoy so that you can shop them later.

5. You want to learn about the differences between cheeses

If you’re interested in learning about how different processes can create different types of cheese, then a cheese tasting is a must. Discover the differences between cows-milk cheese and aged goat cheese, soft to hard cheeses and have all your cheesy questions answered by an expert.

6. Meeting people with shared interests

Maybe you have a fellow cheese-lover in your life. Maybe you don’t. But, either way, there’s nothing quite like bonding with new people over a shared interest in cheese. Discuss all your cheesy adventures and perhaps the odd cheese mishap over a glass of wine on the Two Fat Blokes Cheese and Wine Matching Experience.

7. Your body loves cheese

Cheese speaks to a whole variety of sensory receptors, and that’s what makes it so satisfying. Tangy, creamy, salty and fatty – it’s got all the good ones. In fact, the creamy texture of cheese is what causes many of us to treat it like comfort food.

8. You love the tasting culture

Taste has been described as a social sense – the sharing of food is a way to improve our relations with those around us. Cheese tasting is the perfect way to enjoy an experience with others, giving you the opportunity to learn and share ideas about what you’re sampling together.

9. You love to hear about new recipes

What better way could there be to find out new ways of including cheese in your meals than attending a cheese tasting. No doubt the conversation among your group and your host will veer off to cover some great recipes they’ve tried with your favourite cheese. And if you’re looking to create something special, we have a couple of experts in mind that can help you out – that’s right, it’s those Two Fat Blokes

10. You want to broaden your horizons

Are you a bit plain when it comes to food? A bit nervous to order something different in case you don’t like it? A Hunter Valley cheese tasting is the perfect way to dive into the world of gourmet food, without overcommitting. You’ll have the pleasure of sampling the wares of the renowned Hunter Valley Cheese Company, Binnorie Dairy and many more.

And if you or a friend can’t attend Hunter Valley cheese tastings quite as often as you’d like to, there’s now an alternative you can enjoy from the comfort of your homes!

We’re so excited to give you the opportunity to take your love of cheese a step further with the Two Fat Blokes Cheese Club. Not only will you be treated to a selection of three cheeses delivered right to your doorstep each month, but you’ll receive detailed information about each of the cheeses to expand your cheese credentials.

So, go on and get cheesy! We know you want to.

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