What do I wear?

Dress comfortably for the season you are visiting. There is no dress code but please respect the establishments you are visiting and dress appropriately as you would in any other licensed club or venue… and leave the ACDC sleeveless T at home!

How do your vehicles differ from other tours?

Our modern luxury vehicles are spacious and comfortably seat up to 14 guests. This allows for an easy and fun interaction within a small group setting (unavailable in smaller sedans, limos or bikes) and access to boutique locations. Many other bigger bus tours get limited access to the more public tasting areas, with tasting queue […]

What sort of vehicles do you have?

Our fleet consists of a range of small luxury vehicles including Mercedes Sprinters, Valente and Renault.

What tour is best for me?

Uncork The Hunter is our most popular tour choice for guests staying in Wine Country as it offers the most value for your time and includes a wide range of experiences. If your short on time, jump on our Half Day Snapshot to maximise your visit.

How many guests are normally on your tour?

It varies. Our tours usually have around eight to twelve guests on board.

What is the minimum number of people you will pick up?

There is no minimum restriction to book so singles and couples can book tours, but there is a minimum number of people needed to run tours effectively. We do our best to make sure every tour runs, which sometimes means shuffling minimum numbers together so tours can operate. We need to group together at least  […]

How will I get my wine home?

We will store your wine for you safely in the bus and then return it to you when we drop you off at your accommodation. Most wineries will also ship your wine for you direct from their cellar door if you need to.

Is there room on the bus to store any wine that I buy?

Yes, when you purchase your wine the winery will label your wine with you name and we will store it safely in the bus for you.

Can I bring my dog?

No. As some cellar doors do not allow dogs.

Can I bring my child?

No. Your child would be confused by a group of tipsy adults singing, “Come on Eileen” when they really don’t know the words. Fun, yes, but not pretty… Seriously, while some cellar doors may accommodate children, most often they don’t have the facilities for Under 18’s. Please give us a call if that is an […]

Will I look like a noob if I don’t know how to hold my wine glass?

No absolutely not, your guide and the cellar doors will show you how to hold your wine glass, how to smell and taste your wine.

With what sorts of people might I expect to share our tour?

You will encounter easy-going, social people who are interested in wine, even if they don’t know much about it. They will become extra-friendly once they’ve started tasting.